Predictions for 2008

11 January 2008

Everyone seems to be making predictions in the tech world. Kind of a new year thing. So here is some from me.

WiMax will fail

WiMax will fail in the market except for the USA where it will limp on for a couple of years before being replaced by 3G HSPA type network or its successor.

Miniature notebooks will explode and all be running Linux.

The wow around the One Laptop per Child’s XO pc is just starting to build. Those in the west that have seen one are certainly impressed and not just children are impressed.

Then there is the Asus eeePC that is getting rave reviews from everyone, not just because it is cheep, but because it is a well designed and executed machine. When we think about a networked storage model, then you need network connectivity when out and about, thus feeding the need for mobile broadband.

Mobile Broadband will be huge this year.

Up until now it has been a company road warrior thing. Quite expensive, complicated to get working. not much faster than dial-up. I think that there are now enough of a base users who have been making do with hot spots and all the complexity that entails with different groups each wanting a payment or subscription.