Laser Reflections Android game

25 March 2011

I have been somewhat obsessed with a neat little android game called Laser Reflections also available as an android game. The concept is very simple, you have a number of mirrors, prisms and a laser. There are a number of lights, and bombs on the grid. Just bounce the laser around to light up all the lights and none of the bombs. The levels start easily enough, to get you hooked. I struggled with the last 2 levels for a couple of days before they just fell out.

Spoiler Alert. I am attaching the screenshots of the last two levels. So if you want to solve them yourself don’t read any further.

To take screenshots I installed the Dalvic Debugger for Android. This is looks like an awesome tool for managing and testing software for android. I haven’t delved beyond taking screenshots but there seem to be lots of functionality there for monitoring an application running on a hard phone, or running on a virtual phone hardware.

And here is the full screen capture showing the controls, and the not very intrusive advertising.

Screenshot of Laser Reflections level 33