The upside-down quad-copter build

Back in January we had the first rLab quad-copter build party. And here is my effort.

Original Quad-copter build

Original Quad-copter build

This has flown well, and I have slowly learnt how to fly these things. This learning process has involved quite a few crashes, with varying degrees of damage. I think I have replaced the arms about 8 times now, and recently the body frame was so broken that I needed a total rebuild the machine. I decided to try and rebuild it with the body hanging down and all the control stuff inside the body of the copter. Here is the result of my efforts.

Upside-down quad-copter

Upside-down quad-copter

This seems to be a an improvement. The flight is more stable and easier to control. Take-off and landing are easier as there is a bit more space under the props. The control unit is harder to get at but this has not proved much of a problem. Overall a great improvement.


2 Responses to The upside-down quad-copter build

  1. Ben Norris says:

    The pendulum effect is common misconception, putting weight lower does not increase stability because in flight the center of gravity is the pivot point. What it has done is reduce the leverage of the props making it a bit less acrobatic but also less efficient. The same effect without the loss of efficiency can been done by changing the pid settings. Ideal setup is all the weight as near as possible to the center of gravity with that in line or slightly above the plane of the props.

    • Stuart says:

      Agreed, but having the props a little higher is good for take-off and landing, and having the battery a little closer to the centre improves stability.

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