An expression of Elegance; Base 3 math

I have been playing around with the Balanced Ternary number system. I gave a talk at DC4420 on Monday night on this, and I am posting the presentation slides up here for anyone interested.

Presentation (pdf)

The further reading links on the last slide are:

Wikipedia Page

Paper by Brian Hayes

Hackaday Project

Paper on a Balanced Ternary adder circuit design (pdf)


2 Responses to An expression of Elegance; Base 3 math

  1. Richard Ibbotson says:

    Stuart, I think you are playing the White Rabbit and drawing me into some Lewis Carroll Nightmare.
    As I fall down your rabbit hole I Wonder how much of what I attribute to logical thinking is in fact binary thinking.

    At a logic level in binary I think there are 16(2 ^ (2*2)) possible two input gate types you can define, of which about ten have names (AND, NOR, NEGATE A, 0, etc).

    So I guess in ternary there are (3 ^ (3*3)) or 19683 possible two input gates (can that be right) ? How many are useful I wonder. Maybe there are more interesting 3 input gates too ?

    Time to sleep the dormouse says.

  2. Stuart says:

    We did a Video of this presentation at rLab with Richard Ibbertson and Mike Beardmore. This is up on youtube. Some of the ideas made my head explode, as we delved into various possibilities.

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