Reading Makerspace Logo

I have been involved in setting up a Makerspace in Reading.

I want to try and come to a conclusion on the logo. We have bandied around a couple of ideas but don’t seem to be there yet. So wheeling back to basics I want to outline the requirements.

It needs to be friendly and inviting, to welcome all to the space, we seem to have gone with the term Makerspace rather than Hackspace which appeals more to the creative types.


Simple is best, text can be associated with the logo, but the logo needs to be able to stand alone.

Noisebridge logo NYC Resistor Logo logo

It would be good if we could incorporate a QR code, these are gaining in popularity, and a good way to point at the website.


So looking for inspiration in what others have done is a good place to start. I like the idea of something based on a circut design.

Logo Logo

Or there are simple text based logos, but I don’t think we have an iconic local momument to symbolise Reading as the Tokyo have. But we could still do a simple text based logo.

Logo Logo Logo

Then I found a couple of logo developments that are fun, not sure they meet our requirements.

Logo Logo

I like the idea of this one, a maker like symbol, so the symbol can be used on its own, along with the text in places where that is possible.


I also like the revolutionary feel of this symbol. After all we are really starting (or taking part in) a revolution.


Of all the logos this is the one I like the most, a simple idea, we could replace the internal gears with a QR code, the text could be removed for small versions.



3 Responses to Reading Makerspace Logo

  1. Hi Stuart – there is an excellent book called – ‘a smile in the mind’ which you might find worth a browse. G

  2. I LOOOOVE the “Maker Space” logo in red, on two lines. (right clicking says it’s number 9?) May I please have permission to use this in a Library calendar of events? my contact information is ldouglass at at adalib dot dot org Thank you!

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