Write to a Lord

As part of the Opn Rights Group Campaign on the draconian provisions of the Digital Economy bill I wrote to Lord Birt, and a random Lord, Lord Fraser of Carmyllie.

Dear Lord

I write to you to encourage you to reject the proposals before you today for disconnecting alleged file sharers from the internet.

Can you honestly say that a careful review of all of your published material if examined carefully by an intellectual property lawyer would not revel 3 instances of possible copyright infringement. Do you think it fair, if on acquisition only, that you should have your access, and that of all your family members removed. Is that fair.

Do you believe that the existing media organisations truly promote innovation and artistic endeavour, in their promotion of artists. Are these organisations the best way to promote innovation and artistic endeavour.

You must reject this draconian and excessive law.

Just look at the incredible uprising of innovation and talent that the creative commons initiative has encouraged.

I work in the Mobile ISP industry and I know that no ISP will test accusations for validity, they will all just pass them on. The big media companies will use the power given to them to impede the progress of all competition, in the same way the internet take down notices have been used to suppress and censor opposing views.

Yours Sincerely
Stuart Ward


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