The Google OS announcement

Everyone seems to be going crazy about the new Google chrome operating system. Most of the reports are either saying that it will replace Microsoft, or will only replace Linux as a niche OS offering.

I take a completely different view on this. The important thing is that Google have the business mussel to make sure that there is a choice of OS on computers in the major retailers. When there is a choice of operating systems there will be unstoppable pressure for retailers to offer other choices. This is where the other Linux distributions will get their opportunity. And once the choice is put in front of the non-technical public MS wont have a chance. The range of choices and the speed of development will leave any closed development offerings behind on presentation and functionality, especially if there is a price differential for the Microsoft option.

Microsoft have bought back the netbook market with reductions in price for Windows XP, and probably lots of unethical, or illegal deals with OEM’s. Linux offerings on netbooks have largely disappeared, and the only offering is Windows.


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