Mobiles never on the tube

Well it doesn’t look like we will have mobile coverage on the london underground for a long time.

Nearly all the underground rail systems in most of the world’s big cities now permit commuters to talk and send texts while riding the tunnels. But there are black boxes inside the London Tube which perform historic tasks, the details of which are known only to the station managers who maintain them, said our source.

“There’s a lot of office politics underground,” he said. “There are managers who fear that they may be replaced, and who have built some of these old electrical switches into a legend, and they literally refuse to say what they do, or how they are kept going – but claim that wireless interference might cause malfunctions.”

But the main problem is that too many people in the mobile industry think they can turn the Underground into a gold mine.

via .:. News .:. Mobiles everywhere – but “never on the ….


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