When everything is Interlectual Property

Ok so at the moment we are haveing fun a games trying to bend ancient Copyright rules to match the digital age. But what happens when 3D printers are really commonplace. Neil Stephenson touched on this in his book The Diamond Age. where the invention of molecular assemblers allowed anyone to make anything.

If this comes about then the value of things becomes almost zero, and all the value is in the design or in the instructions to your printer to make something.

What worries me is that if we don’t sort out the current legal mess with copyright on music and video we will still be fighting these battles when this sort of technology is invented. With the impact on society many time that it is now.


One Response to When everything is Interlectual Property

  1. Dave Parker says:

    It’s more than touched on in Cory Doctorow’s short story printcrime http://craphound.com/?p=573

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