Will it be Vista or Linux

I have seen a number of well researched blogs and columns from respectable magazines now seriously contending that Linux is better than Vista. These are not coming from the Linux advocates any more but from the mainstream media.

This eWeek article is a bit of a MS bash, but Steven Vaughan-Nichols article over at Desktop Linux is a very reasoned argument, even if it comes from a Linux advocate. Steven points at another column at eWeek by Joe Wilcox, a bit of a rant against Microsoft, but also points out how much better the Linux distributions are.

One of the most convincing arguments for Linux over Windows in general is David Wheeler’s Look at the Numbers article. It is very detailed, and argues that in every possible objective measure Open Source beats propriety.

And then there is the very well researched paper by Peter Gutman looking at the content protection issues in Vista.

I have been talking to Jon Bentley of The Gadget Show who seems keen on doing a piece on ubuntu for the show. At least he was until he saw this badly researched article in The Inquirer, saying that Dell were dumping their pre-installed ubuntu options. Dell have refuted the story saying that it was only a few broken links on their site. I thought proper journalists were supposed to check their stories, and it was the bloggers who were to blame for all the miss information on the net.

Perhaps 2008 really will be the year of Linux?


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